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Mountainbike in Ahrn valley:
On panoramic trails to the horizon and beyond

Swing into the bike saddle and let the wheels go, where and how it makes you pleasure. More than two dozen routes take you on a mountain bike through the Ahrn valley. You cross on maintained roads our pastures, drive through fragrant forests, can dare demanding pass tours, go into rapture on scenic routes, try single tracks or simply bike with the family.

Light beginners tours in the surroundings

For the beginning one of the tours in the vicinity of St. Johann is the perfect solution, which will lead you from there to either Platterhof or Rotbach and back. Then you are more than an hour on wheels (6 or 9 km) and overcome almost 500 meters difference in altitude: this is ideal for a trip with children exploring around the area. Of course on a mountain bike you can go through the Ahrn valley around Luttach: to the Großstahlhof, the Obersteinerhof or the Weissbach sports field. These routes are respectively 8 and 12 km long and have a rather low gradient.

Until the end of the valley or to the Rieserferner group

Completely on the other side of the range there are outreaching tours like the one from Bruneck to Kasern along the Ahr. It stretches over 50 kilometers and 900 meters difference in altitude, so that an entire morning or afternoon you will be on the road in the mountain in the Ahrn valley. If you want to make something great, the 100 km long tour to Rieserferner group beckons you. You start in Sand in Taufers and undergo remarkable 2,000 metres difference in altitude.

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